The International Polymer Clay Association will be having Ann as a guest to talk about being an Artisan at a Renaissance Faire on their Sunday Zoom Special, January 28, 2024.

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Tinsel Roses

Here is a sample materials list from my most recent class.

  • Work surface
  • Your favorite clay in the colors of your choice for the petals. You will need at least 6 oz of clay for the petal cane. For this project I like to use translucent clay, Premo metallic clays or pearl clays. For the leaves you will black and two shades of green.
  • Leaf: many of us already have an assortment of metallic leaf.
    If you need to order some, I recommend this from Amazon.
  • Armature wire, either 18-gauge floral wire or 9-gauge armature wire 
  • Wire cutters 
  • Floral tape
  • Tissue blade 
  • Pasta machine 
  • Optional: bakeable beads such as glass or a gemstone and wire thin enough for the beads.
  • Heat gun. I use a Recollections embossing gun from Hobby Lobby.